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« The customisation proposals presented in this Web site were graciously selected by TOG on the sole basis of our opinion on their aesthetical and creative merits. TOG and the publisher and editors of this Website or page are not a party to any transaction that would be entered between any customer and customizer presented here and do not provide any guarantee and shall not be held liable in any way, directly or indirectly in relation with the quality of the products or services to be provided by any customizer or in connection with the adequate performance and delivery by such customizer. Customers and visitors should pay special attention to the fact that some customization processes may be irreversible, may weaken or render improper for use some of the items produced by TOG and/or may render such items improper for use by kids of less than a certain age. TOG and the publisher and editors of this Website or page hold no ownership on any part of the intellectual property rights pertaining to the creations made by any customizer presented here and provide no guarantee and shall not be liable if such creations would appear to be in conflict with the intellectual property rights of any third party. »